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Perl Defense Blaster is a very simple game I've designed mostly to just practice and show Perls ability to create simple ascii graphics arcade sytle games. I started to learn to program when I was about 9 years old, and these are the types of games I created in Basic. Now, many many years laters I'm showing my kids how to do it in Perl.

And I'm making this available on SourceForge for anyone else who might find this helpful/useful/interesting.

The strategy of the game is to move your Planetary Defense Blaster along the horizon and fire missiles at the incoming aliens decending from space. If they reach the ground points are lost.

I admit it certainly won't replace Quake as your favorite shoot-em-up game, but it's meant more as -- Hey, Perl can do this, and here's how.

NEW UPDATE - This page is an old copy of the game. I have recently released a newer version of PerlBlaster, along with two new games: PerlRacer and PerlArena. You can find it under the new project name:


I'm more than happy to get any help and ideas on where this project should go.
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